“One of the best things ZOCCAM does is take the security risks out of the transaction eliminating potential fraud for all parties in the transaction.”

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What is ZOCCAM?

ZOCCAM's innovative platform streamlines the transaction by enabling the parties to securely send documents & funds to the title company & lender.

  • ZOCCAM’s application does not contain or hold any financial information
  • Unlike wire transfers, ZOCCAM does not divulge the title company account numbers of bank
  • The check is encrypted from capture to delivery
  • The check image is not stored nor does it remain on the phone
  • ZOCCAM uses encrypted handshakes and tokens to ensure the check and data are sent to the specific branch with the title company
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Data is secured via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with 2048 bit encryption
  • ZOCCAM delivers the check utilizing Check 21
  • Upon receipt of the X9 file it is processed by your bank


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Prevents Cyber Fraud 

Ensures secure payment processing by eliminating the need for wiring instructions.

Increased Productivity

Integration with Title Processing system by delivering contract, watermark copy of check and notification along with opening the order in system.

Consumer Empowerment and Transparency Savings

All parties receive confirmation of delivery when the contract and earnest money deposit putting the Buyers in the front seat of the transaction.

Decreased Liability

Protects consumer’s NPI by taking out manual deposits from your escrow process while protecting you from possible security breaches due to mishandling of checks.

Brand Awareness

Your logo is prominently displayed in the platform, email notifications and the ZOCCAM website.

Cost Savings

Eliminates costs associated with wire transfers and courier fees.

Step-By-Step Process